About CBA

Corporate Benefit Analysts, Inc. (CBA) is an employee benefits advisory firm devoted to helping organizations small and large to design and implement strategies so they can contain costs and maximize their human capital.

With a strong focus on non-profit organizations, CBA is well-equipped to deal with budget restrictions and unique challenges that present themselves.

The firm’s ability to communicate with its clients to determine the client’s specific needs and desires combined with a very pragmatic approach makes CBA an attractive benefits consultant and partner with companies and organizations across the country.

Cathy Aitken Logos[1](1)Cathy Aitken is the president of Corporate Benefit Analysts with a rich background in the employee benefits world having helped clients throughout the United States and Canada on a variety issues ranging from basic plan design to full benefit strategic planning and from employee enrollment and to detailed plan communication and beyond.

She has been seen on a variety of media and recently released a new book, Doing More With Less, that details specific strategies employers can use to reduce their benefits costs and maximize their productivity and profitability.

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