Our Solutions

CBA-ChallengesNow more than ever before organizations like yours are facing critical challenges related to their human resources, from spiking employee benefit costs to healthcare reform compliance and simply maintaining a productive and satisfied workforce.

Combine all this with the never-ending headaches and problems of simply running a profitable and productive company, and organizational leaders are asked to nearly perform the impossible.

At CBA, our goal is to help you leverage our knowledge, our expertise, and our skills to ensure you are able to overcome any challenges you face.  At the same time, we help you identify new opportunities to improve the company’s overall condition for the benefit of the stakeholders and the employees.

Cathy Aitken and CBA have been committed for decades to not only helping clients reduce costs, but just as importantly develop an ongoing strategy to limit future healthcare costs increases and drive more of the organization’s dollars to the bottom line.

Specifically, Cathy’s expertise and her firm’s solutions revolve around the development and maximization of one of the most costly (and most important) asset of any company – its human capital.

Here is partial list of the outcomes and results that Karin’s clients consistently experience through her education-driven, employee-focused approach:

  • Effective and meaningful cost-containment and control
  • A global and integrated approach to employee benefits
  • An educated, knowledgeable and appreciative workforce
  • Efficient implementation of custom designed benefits
  • Conserved time, effort and expense due to CBA’s vast knowledge and skill

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