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DoingMoreThe national launch of Doing More With Less has begun.

This new book for employers, featuring Cathy Aitken, provides key strategies to help companies manage and control costs, maximize human capital and drive dollars to the bottom line.

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Today, businesses are facing challenges around human resources management, benefit costs, and compliance regulations like they never have before. With the new healthcare law, uncertainty in the marketplace and a fragile economy, it’s critical that business leaders find practical, meaningful strategies and solutions that will work for them within their specific situation.

Doing More with Less features Cathy Aitken on “The Importance of Communication” along with other experts and authorities to reveal methods that will help any employer in determining the proper direction for their organization to ensure costs are managed, the investment in human capital pays off and ultimately, the company can drive dollars to the bottom line.

Within these pages, business leaders will discover:

  • How to “immunize” your organization from Obamacare
  • Why the healthcare game is rigged against business and what to do about it
  • The key criteria for selecting the right strategic advisor for your company
  • An approach to “get out” of the benefits business without hurting employees
  • A quick, easy-to-follow guide to retirement for employers
  • A brand new distribution model for health insurance
  • The right way to communicate benefit value to employees
  • Nine critical strategies to bend the healthcare trend in your organization

And much more…

Doing More with Less is the playbook for any business leader who has questions about employee benefit related issues and understands the necessity of planning for them now.